Using a mirror effect, the Symmetry Tool replicates every detail you add to your canvas. This allows you to create perfectly symmetrical and well-balanced artwork in no time. The Symmetry Tool also offers you several symmetry options that divide your canvas in a variety of ways, so that you can mirror your work at various angles and positions.

Vertical Symmetry Option

The Vertical Symmetry option runs from top to bottom along your canvas. You can use this to create identical details on the left and right halves of your canvas.

Vertical option


Horizontal Symmetry Option

The Horizontal Symmetry divides your canvas across, from left to right, creating equal top and bottom halves for you to work with.

Horizontal option


Diagonal Symmetry Option

There are two Diagonal Symmetry options that mirror your work along a diagonal axis. The first diagonal option runs across your canvas from the top left to the bottom right.

Diagonal Option

And the second diagonal symmetry option splits your canvas from the top right to bottom left.

Diagonal option


Dual Symmetry Option

Additionally, you will also find two Dual Symmetry options that you can use to create 4 mirrored replicas of anything you draw. The first option splits your canvas using the horizontal and vertical axes.

 Dual-axis symmetry option

The second option divides your canvas diagonally using the two diagonal axes. 


Radial Symmetry Option

And lastly, the Radial Symmetry option divides your canvas into 8 sections, and mirrors everything you draw allowing you to create 8 replicas of any detail you include. 

Radial Symmetry Option

You can find the Symmetry Tool on the toolbar above your canvas; it is the second icon from the right

  1. Tap the Symmetry Tool Icon to view the list of symmetry options available
  2. Select the symmetry option you wish to use.

The relevant symmetry lines will appear on your canvas to guide you when drawing.

If you wish to use a different symmetry option, double tap the Symmetry icon. Tap the icon once to stop using the Symmetry Tool.

To try Symmetry Tool, Download Drawing Desk here.