Coloring community

Coloring and being creative is a great pastime activity. But what makes it more worthwhile and rewarding is being able to share your work with an entire community of creatives! 

And that’s exactly what’s great about Coloring Desk – it contains an entire Playback Coloring Community where you can share your work and be inspired by others! 

All you need to do is create your own free account on Drawing Desk and voila! The coloring community is yours to explore! 

So here’s a look at what’s in store for you…


A Community for Creative Playback Inspiration

playback art

Once you’re a part of the community you can color and publish your coloring pages easily. Once your work is out there, your fellow colorists can watch and enjoy your carefully crafted playback videos.

This way, every page you color has the potential to light a creative spark in someone else. So you have the chance to help inspire other colorists every day!

In addition to this, every page you publish has the chance to be handpicked as a featured coloring by the Drawing Desk Team! So there’s plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to share your work with the community.

And if you’re looking for some inspiration in turn, you can always view the playback videos published by others too! All you need to do is, 

  1. Go the ‘Community’ tab
  2. Find the coloring page you want
  3. Tap the Play button to view the Playback video

You can even add in some soothing music by tapping the Music icon at the top right corner. 

If you’re feeling inspired after watching, you can click ‘Start Coloring’ to create your own time lapse version! 


Making New Friends

Color Community

There’s nothing more rewarding for an artist than having friends who give them feedback and encouragement for their creative endeavors.

This is why you can now interact with your fellow coloring enthusiasts, make friends and let them know that you’ve enjoyed their work!

You can simply like their playback video by tapping the heart icon below their published coloring page. 

Or you can go a step further and leave them a few encouraging words in the comments section,

  1. Tap on the Comments icon below a published coloring page
  2. Tap ‘Add Comment’ at the very bottom
  3. Type out your comment
  4. Hit the yellow send button on the right

You can also scroll through and read the rest of the comments posted by others.

Moreover, with so many active colorists in the community, you’re bound to find a few favorites that continue to inspire you. So, if you’d like to stay friends and keep up with their work, you can do so by following their profile. 

Simply tap on the + icon at the top of a coloring page to follow its creator. Or, you can use the search bar to find and follow your favorite colorists,

  1. Tap on the Search icon at the top
  2. Type in a colorist’s name
  3. Find their page from the suggestions given and tap ‘follow’

NOTE: You can tap on click on their name to view their profile first, before following them.


Navigating the Coloring Community

This coloring community is always buzzing with activity. So we’ve also organized it to help you navigate your way through easily. 

There are 3 main tabs to help you sort thought the numerous published pages:

‘Featured’ Tab – It displays the best published community coloring pages handpicked by the Drawing Desk team.

‘Following’ Tab – You can keep track of all community coloring pages published by everyone that you follow.

‘Recent’ Tab – Scroll through all coloring pages recently published by all colorists on the Community.

And don’t forget, you can tap on the Bell icon at the top, to keep track of your notifications. This way, you can view every like, comment and follow you receive from others! 



Once you sign up, you’ll soon find that there’s never a dull moment on this Playback Coloring Community! 

It’s a great platform for displaying your creativity and growing in confidence as an artist, while also inspiring others! And you’re sure to meet new friends who love coloring just as much as you do! 

In short, the Playback Coloring Community is the place for you if you’re looking to expand your coloring horizons!

To be part of the community, download the Drawing Desk app here.