Letting you explore every style and stroke imaginable, the breakthrough brushes of Drawing Desk will help you open up to new possibilities.   
  The life-like brushes of Drawing Desk offers sketching, inking, painting, airbrushing and texturing options allowing you to experiment and create rich illustrations, drawings, calligraphy, sketches, doodles and so much more.     The Sketch Desk toolkit is made up of Pen, Pencil, Highlighter, Angled Highlighter, Spray, Neon, Roller, Paint Bucket, Ink, Chalk, Progressive, Watercolor, Eraser, Spray, Neon and Ruler tools.     On the Doodle Desk you’ll find Angled highlighter, highlighter, pencil, pen, neon, watercolor, eraser and fill brushes.      Meanwhile to keep our little ones creative on Kids Desk you’ll find these brushes: Ink Pen, Pencil, Chalk, Marker, Fill, Glitter, Gradient, Shape and Wow, Water Color and Pattern