Bringing stunning colors into your coloring world, the coloring desk palettes will serve all your coloring needs.

Open the Coloring Desk and tap on a coloring page to color. You will find a range of color swatches located at the bottom of your coloring page. You can slide through these colors and simply tap on one to select.

If you want to select an already existing color on your page as your active color, tap and hold the area to invoke the color picker.

The color wheel icon is located at the bottom right of your screen. Tap on it to open up the color wheel. When you tap on a color in the wheel, the range of colors grouped under your selected shade will be reflected on the color swatches located on the bottom of your coloring page.

Tap on the palette icon on the bottom left of your screen to invoke the Color Palette Menu. The Menu consists of 4 main Palettes: Gradients, Solid, DD Palettes and My Pallets. 


Gradient: Tap on the Gradient option, to invoke a palette of beautifully blended gradient shades.


Solid: The Solid option will open up a palette set of even and solid colors


DD Palettes: DD palette consists of a pre-made set of themed color shades of the app


My Palettes: Tap on My Palettes to create your very own personalized palette of colors. 

To add color to your palette, tap on an empty color swatch and select a color from the color picker panel that will appear. You can select both solid and gradient colors from the color picker panel. Once selected, tap on the check icon to proceed. The selected color will now be added to your palette.

  Tap and hold a color swatch to change or delete it. This will invoke the color picker panel again, select another color if you wish to change or tap on the bin icon if you want to delete the color swatch from your palette.