Explore the advanced Layer Settings and learn how to control and manipulate your layers with just a few taps.  
Tap on the settings icon that sits on the bottom left corner of each layer thumbnail on your layer panel to invoke the layer settings menu. The layer settings feature Fill, Color-invert, Lock-Alpha, Lock-layer, Flip-Vertical, Flip Horizontal opacity options and many more. Delete: Deletes the layer from the Layer Panel. Fill:  This option will fill your entire layer with the currently active color of the color palette. Color-Invert: This option will reverse all the selected layer colors and set them to the opposite colors in the color wheel Flip vertical: This option mirrors the entire layer in the vertical direction Flip Horizontal: This option mirrors the entire layer in the horizontal direction Clear: This option will Clear the entire layer with just one tap Opacity: This option controls the transparency of a layer. Move the slider up and down, to adjust the layer opacity from transparent to solid.