Edit and style your text with the complimentary typography tool settings in your text editor panel.  
Font Type: Pick from over a bundle of 130+ premade and creative font types.   Font Styles The font style section lets you change your text into different styles. These styles usually feature bold, italic, regular and many more.   Font Color Enhance the overall look of your text by adding lively colors using the Font Color section.   Font Pattern  Apply patterns or prints to improve your text’s design   Font Adjustments Font adjustments section will let you tweak some special aspects of your text.    The section is made up of four main sliders: letter spacing, line height, font size and opacity. You can move each of these sliders from left to right for quick adjustments.  Letter spacing : sets spacing between the characters of your text   Line height : sets distance in between different lines of your text   Font size: sets the size of your text   Font Opacity: sets the transparency of your text   Once you’ve fully edited your text, tap the check icon on the right corner of your text editor to place your typography on the canvas.