December 22, 2022

Introducing Drawing Desk Android V6 for Advanced Digital Art!

To all our Drawing Desk Android users, we've got something special for you!

Over the years we've been working to bring you the best creative experience on Android with Drawing Desk.  With this in mind, we've just taken a big step forward towards artistic heaven...

We're super excited to bring you our latest update, Drawing Desk Android Version 6, with several new improvements for a more advanced artistic experience! Now powered by our very own Creative Cortex Engine, Drawing Desk Android brings you a host of powerfully updated tools and a few surprise additions. As a result it's now among the best drawing apps for Android available on Google Play!

So whether you're already with us, or still looking for a great Android drawing app, Drawing Desk for Android is designed to give you a better, more enjoyable creative journey than ever before!

So here's a taste of what our new update has to offer...


Cutter Tool for Convenient Android Drawing 

You can now cut, copy and paste any element of your drawing with this handy new Cutter Tool. Accordingly, it's the perfect tool for when you need to adjust, duplicate or remove any section of your art.

Drawing Desk Android Cutter Tool


Shapes Library for Any Art Style

Drawing Desk Android now has a powerful array of shapes, signs and symbols to help you create all kinds of art. So you can use them to create simple shape outlines or solid colored shapes to fit your creative needs.

Shapes for any art


Funky Roller Brush Patterns

Our new updated Roller Brush now has 100+ vibrant brush patterns that you can choose from and apply with a few simple strokes. Thus it's the perfect tool to help you add a touch of flair to your Android art.

Digital Art Roller Brush Patterns


An Advanced Layer System (A Drawing Desk Android Special!)

Moreover, if using layers is a crucial part of your drawing process, then this is just for you! Drawing Desk Android now offers unlimited layers along with several new layer features:

  • Fill
  • Color Invert
  • Lock Alpha
  • Lock Layer
  • Horizontal and Vertical Flip

These are guaranteed to help you create sophisticated art with a lot more finesse and ease!

Layer Options


Ruler with Rotation for Accuracy

Drawing straight lines just became a whole lot easier because you can now use a fully rotatable ruler to get those straight lines precise at any angle on your canvas.

Rotatable Ruler


Fill Bucket with a Colorfill Threshold

You can now color in every inch of your drawing to perfection with our updated Fill Bucket and its new Colorfill Threshold. As a result, you'll be able to adjust the threshold to make sure that you leave no empty spaces in your drawing. Additionally, you can use it to ensure that the colors you apply stay within the lines!

Fill Bucket with colors



With this latest update, Drawing Desk Android is now among the best Android drawing apps on Google Play. And with these brand new features, you can take your creativity to new heights, producing your best art on Android!