Every artist, whether professional, amateur or beginner, needs that spark of inspiration every now and then…

Perhaps you’re new to digital art and you aren’t quite sure what to begin with…

Or maybe you’ve been away from art for a while and you’re simply looking to get those creative juices flowing again…

Whatever your reason, we’ve got you covered with our newest collection of easy Drawing Tutorial videos on Sketch Desk for iPads! 

The tutorials cover various kinds of fun and colorful drawings, inspired by a range of themes including Christmas, Anime and Sceneries. 

Getting Started

You can find the in-app tutorial collection on Sketch Desk. To get started,

  1. Open Sketch Desk, and wait for the Artwork window to appear. If you’re already on Sketch Desk, you can tap the Tutorials icon at the top left ( to the right of the New Canvas icon) to open the Artwork window
  2. Select one of the given tutorial images listed in window
  3. Click the Start button at the top right corner of the window.

Once you begin, the tutorial video for the drawing will begin playing on your right. To help guide you further, you will be given a basic outline of the drawing on your canvas, along with a pre-selected color palette at the top. 

You can trace the given outline with your free hand. To use the given color palette, press and hold the color tile you wish to use. But of course, if you’re feeling adventurous you can still use the standard color palette available on Sketch Desk at the top right corner as well. 

You can pause the tutorial video at any point, or skip backwards and forwards using the arrow keys given. These options may come in hand if you need time to follow the steps or re-watch parts of the video. You can also move the video tutorial around to place it where it’s most convenient for you. 

Our range of tutorials are fun and easy to follow. They’ve got just the right amount of detail to inspire you while also giving you the freedom to experiment and create your own take on the drawing. It’s the perfect recipe for an inspired artist!

If you’re looking for more tutorial videos check out our tutorial collection on our YouTube channel here.

Don’t have Drawing Desk yet? Download it here.