February 23, 2022

A Gradient Fill Tool for Exploring a New World of Color

Gradient Creator

If you’re an artist that loves working and experimenting with colors, then you’re going to love our newest Gradient Fill Tool on Drawing Desk!

We’ve upgraded the Fill Bucket on Sketch Desk so that you can now use Gradient colors alongside Solid color palettes. And you’ve got all the freedom to create your own gradient colors to suit your unique style and vision! 


Getting Started with the Gradient Tool...

To begin using the Gradient Fill Tool,

  1. Open Sketch Desk
  2. Tap on the Fill Bucket tool from the brush menu on the left
  3. Select the ‘Gradient Colors’ option. This will open the color wheel window where you can start creating your personal gradients 


Adjusting Gradient Color Stops 

The gradient bar at the very top allows you to adjust and position your color stops. The starting and ending color stops have already been fixed on the bar - you should see two rectangles at each end. In addition to these, you can create and position two more color stops anywhere on the bar. This gives you a total of 4 gradient color points to work with.

To create your gradient color stops,

  1. Tap anywhere on the bar to generate a color stop.
  2. Drag the stop back and forth along the bar to position

Remember that you can always delete the gradient color points that you create.

  1. Simply press and hold a color stop.
  2. Tap the red ‘delete’ icon to remove it. 

Note that you cannot delete the starting and ending gradient points.


Choosing the Right Colors

To select and adjust the colors for your gradient, 

  1. Select a color stop from the gradient bar.
  2. Use the color wheel and spectrum to adjust the color of the selected stop.

Once you’ve sorted out your gradient colors and points you can choose which type of gradient you wish to create from the two options at the very bottom.

The Linear option allows you to apply your gradient colors across a straight line in any direction. You can use the Radial option to apply your gradient colors in a circular manner, starting from a center point. 

You can also select a gradient color that you’ve created previously from the ‘Presets’ section below the color wheel. All gradient colors you create and use will be saved here.


Applying Gradient Colors

Once you’ve finalized your gradient color specifications, you can begin using it on your canvas or in your drawings.

  1. Tap and drag across the canvas to adjust your gradient color points. As you do this you will see a guide line showing you the positions of each gradient color stop. You can use this as a guide to position your gradient colors appropriately.
  2. Lift your stylus/finger from the screen to apply the gradient color.


Working with gradient colors allows you to create spectacular backgrounds and effects. And it can also be great for adding that extra touch of detail when coloring an image or drawing! The possibilities with gradients are endless and with our new Gradient Fill Tool you’ll be exploring a whole new world of color!