February 10, 2022

Fine-tune your art with Quick Shapes

Shape Up

Drawing Desk's Quick Shapes tool on Sketch Desk allows you to fine-tune the details of your drawing in a matter of seconds! Whether you’re trying to get that perfect circle or simply wish for a clean straight line, activating Quick Shapes will help you get there with little fuss.

To activate Quick Shapes, continue to press and hold the screen after you’ve drawn a shape or line. Once the feature is activated it immediately works intuitively to straighten out lines and curved edges; and it also makes adjustments to perfect any rough shape outline you’ve just made 

The Quick Shapes feature also allows you to edit what you’ve just drawn by clicking on the ‘Edit’ icon that appears at the bottom of your canvas

  1. You can change the shape of what you’ve drawn into another by selecting from the list of closest available shape options.
  2. You can also resize and rotate your shape by dragging your finger/stylus back and forth over the shape.

Once you no longer need the Quick Shapes feature, simply tap anywhere on your canvas to deactivate it. Note that you will not be able to make any automatic adjustments to your shape or line once you’ve closed the Quick Shapes feature.

This Shapes option can be a very handy tool especially if you’re the type that likes to get every detail of your drawing perfect in little time. While saving time with intuitive automatic adjustments to your work, it’s handy in giving you the right options and features to make your own changes as needed. 

Share the creative artwork you make with the aid of our Shapes on our social media channels with #madewithdrawingdesk hashtag.