october 26, 2023

Learn How to Draw with Easy Step-by-Step Drawing Lessons

Looking for a great set of drawing lessons to help you get started on your artistic journey? 

It’s nothing to be ashamed of! The skill of drawing doesn’t simply appear out of nowhere! 

Natural talent aside, it’s all about learning and practicing until the act of drawing becomes second nature.

But there’s so much to learn that getting started can certainly be daunting! This is why Drawing Desk now has a series of easy step-by-step drawing lessons just for you! 


What Our Drawing Lessons Have to Offer

Put together by our own team of artists and designers, our drawing lessons are designed to help you learn different techniques and drawing styles that will help expand your artistic skill set.

To help make the learning process a lot simpler, these Drawing Desk lessons offer a structured approach to learning. 

You’ll find a range of broader course categories that each focus on a specific area or topic of drawing -  and each category contains a series of drawing courses. 

Furthermore, each individual course will comprise a bundle of step-by-step lessons that you can follow.

This will help you stay organized and allow you to learn at your own pace, so that learning how to draw doesn’t get too overwhelming or complicated.

Let’s explore this a little further…


Drawing Course Categories

AI Colorization on Drawing Desk

Here’s a breakdown of each category and a glimpse of the drawing courses they have to offer….

Marvel Drawing Courses: We’ve teamed up with Marvel Entertainment to bring you a one-of-a-kind series of Super Hero drawing lessons. You’ll learn how to draw several of Marvel’s iconic characters including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and more!

Intro to Digital Art: Teaches you several basic drawing techniques that will be the foundation of all your art. It includes courses for drawing basic 3D shapes, proportions, perspective, light and shading, and compositions

Anatomy: Contains a series of drawing courses that focus on drawing the human body. These are perfect if you’re looking to create human figures and characters for your art!

Animals: Provides a collection of courses each focusing on a specific animal category. You’ll learn to draw all kinds of animals including reptiles, marine and land animals, birds and more.

Fantasy: If you’ve been wanting to create art  inspired by your favorite mythical and fantasy characters, then these drawing courses are for you! You’ll learn how to draw popular fantasy characters, landscapes, mythical creatures and more.

Fun Drawing Tricks: Drawing doesn't always have to be serious and technical - it can also be fun and funky!  These courses will teach you a few unusual drawing tips which you can use to create cute and simple drawings in a matter of minutes!

Seasonal Celebrations: This is where you’ll find our special collection of seasonal drawing courses. They include drawing lessons inspired by your favorite holidays and celebrations, like Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day and more.

Fashion: If you’re the type that loves fashion designing, these drawing courses and their step-by-step lessons will give you a great start. They’ll cover a range of fashion styles, clothing, accessories and more.

Manga & Anime: Contains courses that are tailor-made for fans of these unique comic book and animation styles! You’ll learn the fundamentals of drawing character expressions, movements and even different character types.

Tattoos: Learn how to create your own tattoo designs and art, across a range of themes. These lessons cover  animal tattoos, minimalist body art designs, nature themed tattoos, and more.

2D Cartoons: Improve your cartooning skills by learning to draw various cartoon characters. These courses and lessons are the perfect stop for anyone looking to create fun cartoons or comic book stories.

Languages: We’ve introduced a unique range of alphabet learning courses that cover 7 different languages from across the world! 


Step-by-Step Drawing Lessons and Guides

Step-by-Step Spider-Man Drawing Lessons on Drawing Desk

Once you select a course to get started, you can begin following the collection of step-by-step lessons available there. 

Every individual lesson focuses on a piece of artwork or drawing that you will need to create from scratch. 

And you’ll have specific instructions and visual canvas guides to help you through every detail of your drawing. This way you can learn how to draw every element to perfection!

Moreover, because you’ll be working with additional features like our Layers panel or shape stencils, each lesson provides you with two special options - ‘Do it for me’ and ‘Guide me’. 


Earn Badges and Track Your Progress

Overview of the course badges available on Drawing Desk

When you’ve completed all drawing lessons in a course, you’ll be rewarded for your hard work with a cool course badge! 

There are a total of 40 colorful, stylized badges to be earned and they’ll help you stay motivated to keep learning and improving! 

And, you can also monitor your progress throughout our courses to help you stay on track and plan ahead! You can view an updated progress timeline for each course through our list of badges

These will help you navigate other necessary Drawing Desk features that you may not be familiar with.


Getting Started...

If you’ve decided to try our collection of Drawing Desk lessons, here’s what you need to do to begin….

1. Go to the “Learn to Draw” section on the app’s Home Page and tap on “View All” OR click here to access the courses page
2. Select a drawing course category from the top
3. Move to the “Show as” drop down menu on the right and select ‘Courses’. You’ll then see a list of drawing courses within the category you’ve chosen
4. Tap on a drawing course - we recommend beginning with the very first course in the series
5. Tap on a drawing lesson to start
6. Carefully follow the given steps and guidelines to draw and complete the artwork.

NOTE: If you’re not sure how to use additional features like layers, click on the ‘Do it for me’ option at the top to have these steps completed for you. Or click on the ‘Guide Me’ option to learn how you can use these features yourself

Finally, once you’ve finished your drawing, you’ll be ready to move on to the next lesson.

Moreover, if you’re a bit of a perfectionist, you can click the ‘Retouch’ or ‘Try again’ options at the end of your lesson to keep working on the same lesson drawing.

Or if you wish to share your progress with family and friends, you can do so by clicking the ‘Share’ option.

You can also click on your Profile icon at the top right corner to keep track of all your completed lessons. 

To view a list of your earned badges, click on the Badge icon at the top right corner of your Drawing Courses profile page. You can then tap on each individual course badge to see a timeline of your progress for each course. 


To Sum Up...

Our collection of drawing courses contain a series of step-by-step lessons that will help you learn how to draw digitally and master the basics of art. They also cover a wide range of themes, topics and techniques to ensure that you widen and improve your skill set.

But remember, practice makes perfect. Which is why you’re welcome to retry the lessons from our courses until you’ve perfected your skills. 

You can then use the techniques you’ve learned to continue practicing on Drawing Desk, experimenting with more brushes on Sketch Desk and Kids Desk, to further fine-tune your skills. 

So start now and keep practicing! You’ll be creating great art in no time!