September 20, 2023

Drawing Desk V8: Making Digital Art Enjoyable for Everyone!

They say that change is often the key to progress, and it has certainly helped us move further along our journey to bringing you a complete app for digital art with Drawing Desk. 

And so we’ve been keeping track of new technologies, trends and ideas that are reshaping the world of digital art, looking for new ways to help you explore the joy of digital creativity. 

After much careful planning, we’re super excited to bring you Drawing Desk version 8.0.! Complete with brand new features and a few stylistic changes, our digital drawing app has all the right essentials to create digital art, and is a whole lot easier to navigate. 

So here’s a quick look at what awaits you on Drawing Desk…


Marvel Drawing Lessons

Overview of the Marvel Lessons available on Drawing Desk

We’ve tapped into the rich world of Marvel Super Heroes with a new set of Marvel drawing lessons. Learn how to draw several of Marvel’s iconic Super Hero characters including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and more. 

Our lessons cover original character designs and poses straight from the heart of Marvel, making them the ultimate guide to Super Hero art!


New Interface

Homepage View on Drawing Desk

We’ve also made a few changes to the app’s interface and structure to keep things clear and simple. 

As a digital drawing app that’s built for everyone, Drawing Desk features 2 primary profiles, one for kids and one for adults - each with its own unique design and interface. 

Whichever profile you use, you’ll have easy access to all of the app’s creative essentials and core features. And you can always switch between profiles at any time. 

In addition to bringing you these changes, Drawing Desk still contains many of its core features that have made it a popular app for digital art among users.


Ready Made Drawing Canvas

Canvas overview on the Draw Kids app

Both Kids and Adult profiles include an in-built canvas where users can create digital art from scratch, a staple for any digital drawing app. 

The Sketch Canvas for adults includes a customizable canvas space, a full menu of art tools, a shapes library, symmetry tools, advanced layers, and more. 

The kids’ profile on the app features a canvas for kids equipped with several drawing tools that include a glitter brush, gradient brush, patterned brush, etc, and a collection of decorative stickers. 

This way both children and grown ups will have all they need to create digital art.


Drawing Challenges

Overview of the Halloween Art Challenge Guide Lines on Drawing Desk

You can also test your artistic and creative skills with our regular drawing challenges that explore various themes, events and topics. 

These challenges are open to all users and if selected as a winner, you will receive a cool prize! It’s the perfect way for you to test out the extent of your creative skill that you’ve acquired on Drawing Desk.


Educational Content

Learning math using the Draw Kids app

As a family-friendly app for digital art, Drawing Desk still remains committed to foster learning through creativity. This is why the app contains several educational activities including letter and number writing, basic math problems, and more. 

This makes it more than just a digital drawing app - it’s also a kid-friendly creative space that allows the little ones to explore the joy of learning with activities that are equal parts fun and educational. 


 New AI Tools

AI Coloring available on Drawing Desk

As an app for digital art that includes the latest in technology, we’ve built up a steady base of effective AI tools over the past year. 

Our latest additions include Background Remove, Object Remove and a Magic Crop tool which are super easy to use. These AI tools will help streamline the way you create digital art while saving you plenty of time!


Put all of this together and what do you have? A complete app for digital art that helps you explore your creativity in new ways while also making you cherish the joys of producing your own art digitally!

While there’s been a lot of hard work from our dedicated teams to get Drawing Desk V8 up and running, we’re also ever grateful to our base of loyal users for their constant support and feedback! We’re super excited to keep inspiring you to create digital art with Drawing Desk, and we hope that you’ll continue with us as we explore new artistic realms in the future!