September 20, 2022

NFT Art on Drawing Desk: Our First NFT Challenge!


Ever since the NFT craze took the world by storm in 2020, it transformed the landscape of digital art in more ways than one! 

And since we’re all about keeping up with new changes in digital creativity, we decided to give this NFT thing a try…

By adding twist to our daily drawing challenge on Drawing Desk, we hosted our very first NFT inspired competition, better known as The #HappyFoxNFT Challenge! 

So here’s how it went… 


About the NFT Challenge

how to create nfts

The rules were simple.

We asked our community of art enthusiasts on Drawing Desk, to create their best version of our NFT Happy Fox art template. 

With the help of a quick tutorial video to guide them, our creatives had just over a week to submit their best Happy Fox renditions…

And three artists with the best creations would be declared winners with plenty of cool prizes to be received! 

And create they did! 

We received well over a hundred NFT submissions that showcased an amazing level of creativity with plenty of drawing styles, designs and unique color combinations! 

But in the end, there could only be three. 

And so we decided on the three art pieces that displayed,

  • A unique take on our Happy Fox NFT template - the more details the better!
  • The best use of colors, patterns and shading

NFT Drawing Challenge Winners


Yes, We Did Mention Cool Prizes!

No challenge is ever complete without well deserved rewards. And our three winners had plenty! 

Of course their #HappyFoxNFT art received due recognition on all our Drawing Desk socials. But that’s not all! 

Our challenge winners each received an Amazon Gift card worth $50 for their efforts! 

And most importantly, in keeping with the NFT theme, the three winning submissions are now listed on OpenSea!

Featured NFTs in OpenSea

This way our winners stand to receive their due benefits from their very own NFT art! 

You can check out the 3 winning NFT art pieces on OpenSea here.


So it’s safe to say that our very first NFT Challenge on Drawing Desk was a success! 

If you missed out on our #HappyFoxNFT Challenge, you needn’t worry…

Our regular drawing challenges will give you plenty of opportunity to showcase your artistic creativity. And with it you might stand a chance to win some cool prizes!