Drawing Desk Handbook: The Ultimate Instruction Manual and Guide for drawing desk

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selecting a course & lesson

Selecting a Course & Lesson

Choose from over 500 individual lessons and begin your artistic learning curve

To select a Drawing Course or Lesson, 

  1. Visit the ‘Learn to Draw’ section of the app’s Main Page.

  2. Click on one of the tabs available. Depending on what you select you may be redirected to an individual lesson or you may need to select one from the course you’ve chosen.


  1. Tap the ‘View All’ option on the right side of the “Learn to Draw’ section

  2. Scroll across the list of course categories at the top and select one

  3. To see a list of courses in that category, Select ‘Courses’ from the ‘Show as’ drop down menu on the right

  4. Tap to select a course

  5. Select a drawing lesson within the course. We recommend that you start with the first drawing lesson for a better learning experience.