Drawing Desk Handbook: The Ultimate Instruction Manual and Guide for drawing desk

DrawingDesk - iOS
App Version



Manage and store all artworks on customizable folders.

You can find all your saved artworks on the app’s ‘My Artworks’ folder.

To access your saved artworks, 

  1. Tap on the four-square icon on the top right corner of the main view. This will direct you to the My Artwork section of the app where your artwork will be saved into a pre-assigned folder

  2. Select the relevant folder. You’ll find all your manual drawings in the default ‘Desk’ folder (You’ll see a Sketch Desk folder on Adult Mode, and a Kids Desk folder on Kids Mode)

  3. Tap on an artwork to continue working on it. 

Note that all your artworks will be saved by default onto the ‘Device’ tab of the ‘My Artworks’ folder. The ‘Cloud’ tab will contain any folders and artworks that you’ve synced to the iCloud.