September 20, 2023

What's New: The Latest Drawing Desk Updates

We at Drawing Desk are always busy cooking up something new and exciting for our beloved users. And in the past few months, we've has some significant changes, additions and improvements! So here's a quick look at what's new with Drawing Desk, its latest features and cool new updates...


1. Marvel Drawing Lessons

Overview of the Marvel Courses available on Drawing Desk

We've teamed up with Marvel Entertainment to bring you one of our biggest Drawing Desk updates - a brand new set of Super Hero drawing lessons! If you're a fan of Marvel Super Heroes, you can now follow our detailed step-by-step lessons and learn how to several iconic Super Heroes, including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Spider-Man and more! Our lessons feature original character designs straight from the heart of Marvel, so that you can learn how to sketch and color your favorite Super Heroes flawlessly!


2. Drawing Desk One Account

One Account Sign-in Overview on Drawing Desk

Users can now access their artwork from any device, on any platform, thanks to one of our latest Drawing Desk updates released earlier this year. With Drawing Desk One Account, you can open and edit your drawings through any device and across any platform.

In other words, you can sign in to your account through our iOS app, Google Play app, or our Web editor platform and access all your saved artworks, as well as create new projects!

This way, you'll have Drawing Desk at your side, anywhere, at any time, and on any device!


3. Our New Web Platform

Creative Tools available on Drawing Desk

We've expanded our creative world to include a new Drawing Desk Web platform available right here on our website. Released in January 2023, our web drawing platform includes an amazing collection of creative tools for online photo editing and drawing on the web.

Moreover, our web platform also includes a convenient printing feature for printing your artwork on a multitude of surfaces.


4. Our Latest Update for Android

Drawing Desk Canvas VIew

Our beloved Google Play users now have an updated version of Drawing Desk, which includes many of the latest features from our iOS app. These include the Cutter Tool, Shapes Library, Roller Brush patterns, an advanced Layer system, and more.

As a result, this significant Drawing Desk update marked a bold new chapter for our Google Play users and their creative journeys with us!


5. Step-by-Step Drawing Courses

Step-by-Step Drawing Courses Available on Drawing Desk

Looking for a way to improve your digital drawing skills? Now you have the perfect chance with our in-depth drawing tutorials.  One of our much awaited Drawing Desk updates from late 2022 gave users a series of Drawing Courses that cover several themes, styles and techniques! As a result users can now learn basic drawing techniques and then learn to draw more advanced artwork.

It's the ideal learning experience for artists of all ages and levels!



We've got a lot more exciting developments coming your way soon! To stay up to date on what's new Drawing Desk, visit back here every now and then, or visit our page on the Apple App Store/Google Play Store... you might just be in for a pleasant surprise!